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California Botanic Gardens
Claremont, CA

Are you wondering what the difference is between a gardens yoga class and a studio yoga class?

At a garden yoga class you will often find a different emphasis than a standard studio class. The gardens class allows you the opportunity to connect more easily with experiences beyond yourself and brings awareness and mindfulness to nature and the beauty outside of your experience.

Studio Class: While a studio class may have different emphases or themes offered, they will often focus on sensations that take place in your body while you flow through poses. They may emphasize creating mindfulness and focus on the poses or concepts that you are engaging with during the class. 

Gardens class: In the gardens, I invite students to be involved with their surroundings.  Inviting them to take longer in a pose or take a pause to appreciate what they may be sensing OUTSIDE of their bodies, and what they may normally overlook because they are distracted by their phones, work, or even on themselves. They can really appreciate a special moment that is taking place and notice how they feel witnessing that moment.  We can then take this appreciation with us as we leave the gardens and recognize that special moments are happening around us all the time, we just need to let them in. 

I've found that when students take time out of the day for themselves and recognize the beauty, life, and nature that surrounds them, students will often leave with their mood lifted or feeling more appreciative… I know I always feel that way after I’ve taught a class in the gardens.  Looking forward  to seeing you soon.

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